Welcome to the Lionz Den

Hedera Lionz

Lionz Den is a Hedera based NFT project that consists of 505 unique one of one illustrations that generate cross chain rewards.

Lionz was founded by @Batcher | Goatz Club & @Artio | Goatz Club who originally started their work on VeChain and now run a very successful project over there called Goatz Club.

Minting Information: March 6th 2023
Time: 2PM EST / 7PM UTC Public 4PM EST / 9PM UTC
Lionz Supply: 505
WL Spots: 100
Pre-Sale: 350 Hbar
Public : 400 Hbar
Associate Token ID: 0.0.1995918

Mint INcentives

Mint an Icon

The Hedera Lionz are made up of 500 nfts plus five Icons or are Rank #1s in the collection. Those that are lucky enough to mint one of our legends/icons will receive 1000 Hbar directly after mint, as well as WL for future collections, special role in Discord and FREE Air-Drops to future projects.

Minting an Icon will also grant you three entries into our weekly Hbar raffle.

Land Passes

How would you like your own plot of land in the Lionz Den Metaverse? It’s quite simple, receive one Lionz Den plot for every 10 Lionz Minted.

The Lionz Den is a metaverse world located inside of Imaginarium world. Roam the Lioz Den as your favorite pfp with and endless world to explore.

The Lioz den will consist of 200 Land Plots that comprise an area of 240KM2. Each land plot will vary in size and resources and the landowner will have the ability to build, sell, lease or do as they please.

The Lionz Den metaverse is scheduled to be open for beta exploration by the end of Q3 2023. Full P2E Integration and NFT Gating expected to be finished by Q4 2023.


We build to reward

The Hedera Lionz were created with utility in mind. NFTs of today versus a few years back have evolved and so have their projects. The Hedera Lionz project aims to bring future passive income through several different channels including the Lionz Den metaverse, future p2e games, Tokenomics and more.

Through our strategic partnership with Imaginarium Studios, all future projects will be backed with VIP Revenue Rewards for VIP Access Card Holders.

View The Collection

The Collection

Take a sneak peak at the entire collection of our Hedera Lionz and find your favorite one. Over 30 different trait categories make these guys unique with five special lionz sharing the #1 Rank.

The Rawrr Map

Lionz Roadmap

The Hedera Lionz Roadmap is constantly evolving to provide our holders with latest dates and information for upcoming releases, project demos and more.

Launching in March 2023, we plan on introducing our beta P2E and Metaverse plots by Q3 2023. For a complete look at our upcoming plans, please take a minute and check out our RoadMap.

Batcher & Artio

Our Collections


An Immersive world to explore, build, play and earn!